SkinFlower Cosmic Arts

...tattoos & art appreciation in a genial atmosphere~!

shandaken art studio tour ~!

friday july 19th at 7:30pm

we will be kicking off the art studio tour with phoenicia's first annual spoken word poetry slam & jam!
 join us at mama's boy right in the center of town (across main street from the boardwalk where my studio is) bring a blanket or lawn chair for your comfort... bring your brain & your ears & your heart... prepare to have all broken open & fed to the sky~!  life is what is happening right now...

& all day saturday july 20th & sunday july 21st

the artists of shandaken will have their studio's open for your perusal... grab a map & enjoy the beauty of the catskill summertime while touring the art studios in the area- you will marvel at how so many artists have come to be so close together in this wonderful mountain community...

stop in at the skinflower cosmic art studio...  witness live tattooing in progress & as always, lots of music, art, books, & an excess of joy~!   plenty for all to share... :)

see you then~!